Track Your Life Style With Samsung Galaxy S5 Monthly Contracts

by | Samsung Galaxy S5 | September 8th, 2015

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While the Samsung Galaxy S6 Monthly and S6 Edge are already there and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is on the way, mobile users in UK have not yet lost their favor for the old and trusted Samsung Galaxy S5 Monthly.

And now the Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to have additional features that would be liked by the users all over UK. Users can track their lifestyle with their favorite mobile handset from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Now the Samsung Galaxy S5 is packed with various health and well being features services as well as apps. The handset is now ready to keep the user on track to follow healthy and disciplined lifestyles. Besides having the facilities to track their lifestyle, the users are also getting the offer that can set their pulses racing.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the most well equipped smart phones marketed by Samsung. It has a built in heart rate sensor that monitors the heartbeat of the user nicely. The handset is moisture resistant and therefore is not adversely affected by sweat, rain, liquids and also by dust and dirt. The battery life is excellent and the user would tire out before the battery gets exhausted.

It has an ultra power saving mode which is suitable for those concerned about excessive power consumption. The screen would be changed to black and white instead of colour and it would also shut down unwanted features thus minimizing the battery consumption.

But the highlight of the new features is the enhanced five health services that would by with the user in every facet of his or her life. It would help keeping track of movements as well as calories lost. Thus one can monitor the life style as well.

Add to this the exclusive offer of free health and well being contents worth £185 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 would look even more desirable.

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